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EDICare Introduction Pinnacle Data Technologies acknowledges the complexity of business in a service-oriented environment.  Our EDI System Management Approach utilizes all resources to help organizations recover time and money.

Electronic Data Interchange enables the exchange of information between business partners.  It enhances data quality, provides invaluable information, and saves time and resources by significantly decreasing paperwork.  Problems arise as data-reporting systems between trading partners report transactional information inefficiently or incorrectly.  The costs of these errors can be significant.

Through our partner WorldCom, Pinnacle Data Technologies offers support of all major translation software products, formatting transaction sets between trading partners to increase accuracy.  We pro-actively monitor the process, implementing problem-resolution processes to deal with the inevitable technical documentation changes, employee turnover, and challenges that come with new trading partners.

EDICare offers significant cost reductions and productivity improvements
  • Increased data reliability & increased predictability.
  • Improved communication with EDI vendors & management.
  • Documentation of process & procedures.
  • Faster escalation and turnaround
  • Service Level Implementation
  • Cost Containment